Our mission is simple

‘To inspire and help others create fun and profitable businesses so that they can live extraordinary lives.’


"The 60 Second Entrepreneur" is an important book for any person who dreams of creating a successful business. Many of his examples are taken from his Real Estate experience, but also draws upon over 30 years of being self employed and the lessons he teaches are fundamental business truths which anyone can profit from.

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'Follow your dreams not someones else's. '

'It takes less than 60 seconds to make a life changing decision'

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What you may not know about us

The Eview Group was built to provide a platform for business owners to be in business for themselves but not by themselves. The platform provides ‘pick and choose’ centralised services using the latest technologies and the group’s economies of scale. Since November 2006, Eview has provided an opportunity for others to leverage the network’s strengths, profit from our knowledge, be recognised for their achievements and be part of a team culture often described as one of the best in the country.

What we can do for you

Combining our expertise in branding, all facets of real estate operation, and business ownership, we are able to deliver a low-cost turnkey solution for a start-up agency and for established independents. We allow the opportunity for established brands to retain their current identity and be able to leverage both in their marketplace to gain a competitive advantage. We also design and create new brands for new start-up opportunities.

Career Opportunities

We are looking for talented individuals throughout Australia who may currently be in a position, be thinking of starting their own agency, or currently have an established business and are looking for genuine support. If you would like to explore the Eview Group opportunity we would love to talk to you.
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Speaking Opportunities

Both Manos and Maria are available for speaking opportunities. Their key message is how to create a fun and profitable business.
Some of their favourite topics to speak on are:
- Branding and how to differentiate yourself in the marketplace
- Your team members are your customers; treat them that way
- How to build and maintain an amazing culture
- Business planning and strategy
- Attract, Sell, Wow and The 7 phases of the Selling Lifecycle
- High Impact and Wipe-out prospecting program
- The A to Z of a start-up
To make an appointment or for general enquiries please click the below button to contact us.